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Create a New Administrator Account in WordPress

There are times when we need to create a admin account and give access to developers to sign in into our wordpress installation and look into issues.

Follow the following steps to create an admin account.

  1. Go to Users > Add New
  2. Enter a username
  3. Enter an email address
  4. Generate a strong password and make a note which you need to send to developer
  5. Make sure the Role field is set to ‘Administrator
  6. Click the ‘Add New User‘ button.

It is normal that once we forget to delete temporary account which we created for support purpose only after work is done. We even don’t remember that we have created that account for our developers and our system is accessible by other if that username and password leak.

To avoid this scenario, Temporary Login Without Password wordpress plugin is helpful. This plugin generate secure link using which one can access our system and after defined time, link will automatically be expired. You even don’t have to remember to delete user account.

Have a look at this WpBeginner article about how to use this plugin.